The admission process


At Da Vinci International School students can get enrolled all year round. The process for new enrollments consists of five basic steps. The length of the process vary depending on the situation of the student, in some cases it takes several weeks while in other cases it might take a few days.

1. Inquire & receive information 2. Visit the school 3. Go through the screening process 4. Try-out 5. Enroll your child


The first step is for you to inquire via email. You can do so through the contact tab on this website, or by sending an email to "". Please make sure you include the following information in your message: Name, age and grade of your child, your e-mail address and cell-phone number, and the reason you are considering our school.


After your first contact, you will receive extra information through e-mail including prices and requirements. If you wish to continue with the process towards enrollment, you need to ask for an appointment to visit the school and have your first interview. You can bring your child so he can see the school buildings and classrooms.


After your first interview we will conduct a simple screening. We may ask you to provide certain documents from past schools, previous evaluations including past diagnosis your child may have in regards to his or her learning abilities. We may also contact the school or schools your child attended in the past.


Once we have concluded our screening process, you will be able to have your child try-out the school. The try-out program is designed to give your child a chance of experiencing Da Vinci before making any commitments. On the other hand, it also give us a chance to see whether we will be able to work with your child or not.


After the try-out, and given that we all (the school, the parents, and the prospective student) agree on starting classes at Da Vinci, we will meet again with you to fill up the forms and proceed with the enrollment. At that point we shall define payment options and details in regards with various services we offer at Da Vinci.

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